Friday, August 29, 2008

Dumpling Dumpling~

I wrapped some dumpling for Joy's farewell the other day... Hmph... Long time never wrap dumpling liao.. can't really wrap it nicely... T____T. Inside are mince pork + coriander + onion + seasoning.. It's Nepal's dumpling style.. "MoMo" ^__^.

Ready to steam...

Made some sauce as well to eat with the dumpling. Freshly blend tomato + dried chili + coriander.

Didn't manage to take any picture for the cooked dumpling.. was running out of time to work..

Will taste better if I used the fatter mince pork ... But nvm la.. healthier eating LOL

Joy is leaving for backpacking.. Wish u all the best Joy~ We are going to miss u! Hugs~

Momos' Recipe:


1. Minced pork
2. Ginger paste
3. Soy sauce
4. Salt to taste
5. Coriander leaves roughly chopped
6. Onions finely chopped
7. Oil
8. Water
9. Round dumpling wrappers
10. Dried red chillies
11. Tomatoes
12. Coriander


Mix the first seven mentioned ingredients together. Once the mixture is well combined spoon small amount of the mixture on the dumpling wrapper and seal the wrapper. Dampen the edges of the wrappers with water so that it seals easily. Steam the momos for twenty minutes and serve hot.

Put dried chillies and tomatoes in a bowl of water and microwave for approximately ten minutes. Then throw the water out, peel the tomatoes and add coriander and salt and blend till a smooth mixture.

Leave the dumpling wrappers out overnight!

Leftover momos taste really good if you microwave them for two minutes and just pan fry the bottoms.

Enjoy ! ^___^

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Paramatta National Park

Didn't realise that there has such a huge park at Parramatta~ -____-

We dicided to bring Cookie for a walk the other day~ (Poor Cookie only can go out walk walk once in a while... :( )

But we were quite sick of the little park nearby, then we found this Parramatta National Park~ o__O

Cookie was so happy running around in the park chasing parrots...

It was too cold.. so we decided to leave in an hour time...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Freshly Made Frozen Yogurt

My girl friend brought me to try this the other day....

The freshy made frozen yogurt... There have two flavours, which are Original and Green Tea. You can choose your own toppings such as mixed berries, coconut flakes and etc...

It's 98% Fat Free. Taste really nice as it aste just like ice-cream but it's yogurt ^___^

My girl friend told me it's pretty famous in US and a lot of Singaporean on diet girls have this for their lunch... T_____T

Have a try if u find this at your neighbourhood... Fresh Made Frozen Yogurt ! ^_____^

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My fried rice and Green Bean Soup~

I added both ham and Lak ChionG (Chinese BBQ Sausage).... Taste pretty alright ^___^

First time cook this.. Green Bean soup with Dried Mandarin Peel~ Hope it will be nice lar~

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Learn to photoshop...

What can u do with such a normal picture?

PhotoShop it... U will find the Fun of it~! ^___^

It only took me less than an hour...

Ok la.. sleepy now.. Time to zzz.. Goodnight! Z_______Z

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Rise - Omakaase Degustation

Happy moment and lovely foods will just never going to stop in our life, isn't it? ^__^

It is for Erwan's Birthday dinner. His gf has organize this at The Rise and we got invited to join the dinner. The restaurant is located at KingCross, Sydney. It's a degustation restaurant. Normal price per head is AUD60 but they have special price on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday which is AUD43 per head. Very worth it I would say. Their foods were very well-presented and it has a true fusion of Japanese and European /Asian styles and flavors.

Here are the foods that we have been served:

Tuna tartare, guacamole and witlof salad

Patato cream soup with oyster tempura & tofu

Assorted today's fresh market sashimi

Seasonal Plate
Steamed baby octopus with "ume" plum vinaigrette
Grilled eel rice paper rolls
Duck and bamboo shoot with "Hoisin" sauce in wonton cup

Pasta dish
Spice prawn, mung bean noodle and yogurt sauce

Main course
Braised pork belly rolled with savoy cabbage, eggplant ragu & gochujang miso sauce

Pannacotta with cumquat, bloog orange & pink grapefruit granita

My favorite dish I will say is the dessert. It taste really special!!!
I like the soup as well especially the fried oyster on top. It's very very fresh and my tongue got slightly burn by the juicy oyster. LOL
The sashimi plate are really really fresh too... Ou.. I;m drooling again now XD~~. Haha..ha..
The main did come with the white rice, which is a very good combination with the fatty pork wrapped in the cabbage T__T. Thanks god that they serve rice otherwise I don't think we were full enough especially the boys. Anyway AUD42 for such a great dinner I am satisfied and HAPPY! Will go again if there have any special occasions. ^__^

So the Birthday boy was happy!!!

And everyone did enjoyed the dinner too~