Thursday, October 30, 2008

Islands Expedition @ Kota Kinabalu

This is my first time to Kota Kinabalu. We stayed 3 nights at KK and spend 2 days at the Islands. We went to Manukan, Mamutik and Sapi Islands. Spend first day at Manukan and Mamutik Islands for snorkering and 3rd day at Sapi Island for sea walking + Photos.

I really like the snorkering at the islands. We all think that Sapi is the best island for snorkering cause of the clearer water and nice corals under the water.

We were staying at Tourist Hotel at KK city. Very affordable, clean and convenience place to stay. Around RM65 for a twin bed room. Is better to reserve the room in advance in order to have the 1st floor rooms as there is no lift available in the building. :)

Tourist Hotel
Lot 26, Jalan Pantai,
88200 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: +60 (0) 88 231 516/230 516

The ferry terminal is just a walking distance from the hotel. Same terminal for going to Labuan>Brunei as well.

This is the counter at the terminal...

You will find all the information about the islands at the counter.

And the price list...

Snorkering at the islands are Free but you might need to rent the equipment for RM10 and the Fins for another RM10.

You can find a nice place to sit down for food at the Ferry Terminal while waiting for the boat..

The Jetty at one of the islands..

I bought this at Manukan Island.. RM10. They can make it in 30-45 minutes.

Girls, don't forget to bring a nice sarong if you are going to take some nice pictures at the islands :). We all get them at KK Ferry Terminal. RM20-25 each. Bargain for it!

We did the Sea Walking since me and Olivia do not have he diving cert. This should be only way for us to go 5 meters deep in the water to see/touch the fishes. :)
RM250 per person including photos and short video. We were in the water for 30 minutes. Not very very exciting i would say but no harm for a try.

Night out at KK is nice.. We went for drinks at CoCoon Bar at KK Waterfront.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Special Trip back to Malaysia

Finally have some time to sit down and do some blogging...

Just come back from Malaysia 2 days ago...

This trip is not my normal "back to Malaysia" trip since I have two cute and sexy friends coming with me all the way back to Sibu then Sabah then Brunei.

This is Little Sexy Olivia originally from ShangHai. Been to Australia for 7-8 years. We were working togather in a call-centre. She is one of my best-buddy at work! :)

And.. This is Hot n Sexy n Crazy Leah originally from Sydney!!! :) Our Trip won't have so much FUN without her! She is so energetic and fun at all times :) I love her so much!!!

I was too busy introducing everything in Malaysia.. from food to signboards to.. plants.. etc.. LOL

Too much too mention... more to share for my next post :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Galileo Restaurant

Edwin said he is too old to celebrate his birthday already.. So.. I decided to have a nice two person dinner with him at Galileo (A Frence Restaurant @ The Rocks, Sydney).

We ordered the AUD75 pp degustation which is only available from Sun - Thur. The weekend degustation is AUD160 pp if I'm not wrong. Edwin ordered the matching wines with the menu, which is around AUD70 extra pp. Expensive but for his special day is ok lah! LOL

The whole restaurant look really classic... People here talk pretty softly which is really a good place for couples.. hehe.. ^___^

The service was excellent but Edwin thought it was a bit over cause they introduced every single meals and wines to us politely when they were served.

The dinner took about 2.5 hours to finished... -_____- z.z.z.zz...

Here are the foods... :)

The 7 courses degustation:

1. Canapes
- The Oyster fried in taro is really Yummy!

2. Poached Lobster
- This is my favourite dish!!!

3. Hand Made Truffle Pasta

4. Cauliflower Flan

5. Confit of Ocean Trout

6. Quil Roulade and Sauce Moutarde

7. Baba au Rhum, Compote de Fruits with Vanilla Ice Cream

Complimentary Dessert/Cakes

The Birthday Cake (Mango Cheese Cake from the BreadTop)

Before Dinner... :)

Happy Birthday Edwin~