Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What am I doing recently...

I am doing so much exercise recently... Soooo... tired!!!

Summer is coming... I need to tone up myself!!!

Olivia, Natalie and me went to swimming today... We all did pretty well aren't we? ^_____^

Jiayou Jiayou!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sydney Fish Market

Last weekend, Edwin decided to cook his Spore style Prawn Mee for me again, so we drive all the way from Parramatta to the Fish Market (around 30 minutes driving) ^____^. As he really want to get the real fresh Prawn for his cooking.

So, we were welcomed by this friendly men near the entrance.. LOL..

Nothing much u can see at the Fish Market... The view there is so so only... and the environment also not that nice also... But the only thing u got to see/eat here are their lovely seafooooodss!!!!

It seems pretty normal to see all these in Australia but.. I still remember when the first time I came to Australia.. I find them pretty interesting and drooling..

Fish Market is one of the major tourists attraction spot in Sydney... especially for the Chinese tourists... o___O

The seafood are sooo fresh and yummy but... is not cheap at all. I wonder if their do really enjoy it by paying so much money. AUD35 for a seafood platter? About RM100 for a seafood platter?.. -____- Always tell my friend who has visit Sydney... Just don't go and count for how much is it in RM if u wanna enjoy urself in Sydney.. Nothing here is cheap one.. :( but the views... FREE to see and take picture with the Harbour Bridge and Oprah House mah.. LOL :P

Below are some of the pictures I took for the seafoods. There have Oysters, Sashimi, Lobsters, Spanners, Clay Fish and etc....

Oysters/ AUD13.90 per dozen

Experience Men opening Oysters...

I think it is a good place to get the raw materials for making ur own sushi....

Salmons - Can buy this if you manage to know how to cut them into sashimi?



Baby Bugs/Hokkien is "Hay Bor" ?

Here are the hot food sections, where you can get the seafood platters from....

Look at the cheessyy Lobsters.. =D~~~ Drooling yet?

So many varieties....

How can you stop urslef from eating when you see all these.. ? hehe..

So we have the AUD35 seafood platter..

Don't forget we still have King Prawn Mee for Dinner.. Oghew.. isn't that a bit too much seafood in a day?