Saturday, December 20, 2008

Traffic Light Theme X'mas Party

BlueFins has the Traffic Light theme for the Chrismas Party....

So I made Edwin's hair into this colors using the temporary color hair spray... ^.^



.... NICE?? LOL... Is quite easy to apply but the colors do runs off when you sweat..

And I have the very bright G.R.E.E.N color skirt~ :)

Do we look like Christmas Tree? LOL...

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

and Happy New YeaR 2009~

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dragon Boating @ Sydney~

Can't believe I went for this Dragon Boating race.... I really enjoy it and very sure will keep doing it for any coming races..hehe..

Thanks Edwin (Ah Bui) for bringing me into this sport... Now Ronnie do has sports.. can you believe it? LOL
Thanks everyone in BlueFins, all of you are so nice n great!

We are going to have another big race at Darling Harbour for coming Chinese New Year~ They told me it is the biggest race among the year so.. I think could be quite fun!

It's all about teamworks~~

Definitely build up ur fitness!!!

How much?? See this.. LOL


After..... hahaha...

Time for the delicious meals after the race~~ Yay~